Computer Centre:

Embark on Hands-On Learning in Computer Centre: The College has a specious Computer Centre having 29 Computers which can be accessed by any student for practice purpose. A no. of Add On Courses are run in this Computer Centre keeping into consideration of the latest demand in the industry. 

1. Certificate Course in Office Management

2. Certificate Course in Desk Top Publishing

3.  Certificate Course in Financial Accounting 

*** Stage 1: Personal Development:- Grooming, Dressing, Body language, Pose & Posture, Proper Pronunciation, Increasing the Confidence. Stage 2: Personality Development:- Sense of Grammar, Writing Skill, Listening Skill, Topic Discussion, Telephonic Conversation, Role Playing, Public Speaking, Situational Conversation, Interview Facing, Mock Interview Session, Group Discussion, Extempore, Debating.