The College Library utilizes a space of 196.68 sq m with a Reading Room for free access of students, a Teachers’ Reading Room and a Rare Book Section. The library roof has been rebuilt and the area has been expanded to accommodate more books and journals. The Library has sufficient number of books at the disposal of Undergraduates Students of various disciplines. Total Library Books now stands at 18185 and journals at 5. We are yet to subscribe for e-resources. Complete Accession Numbering System and Cataloguing of all books and journals and user friendly Multi-Digit Alpha Numeric Decimal based numbering system according to the 19th edition of Dewy Decimal Classification Scheme are followed in the library. SOUL software has been procured for automating in-house activities and services of the library. ONE computer for Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) is made available to the Students to identify the status of availability of books in the library and ONE computer terminals will be available for Internet Surfing.In all there are around 80 computers in the college. Thus Computer facility is extended to all students and staff. At present internet connections are provided with the teachers through internet-dongles. We are in the process of providing computers and Internet Connectivity to all the departments. The computers/Laptops are also interfaced with LCDs to train and develop Power Point presentations for the Teaching.